Various Artists "Speedcore 2009" 4x12"

Various Artists "Speedcore 2009" 4x12"

Sold Out

Genre: Hardcore | Speedcore
Record Label: Special Forces
Catalog No: SPF17
Condition: New
Year Released: 2008
Country: Germany

Track Listing:
A1. iGoA - Du Bist Angekommen
A2. DJ Totschläger - Ready To Change
A3. C1B2 - Horror
B1. Terata - Knock ´Em Out
B2. Nevermind - Rayleigh Scatter
C1. Bonehead - Jumping = A Crime
C2. Qualkommando - Trackerdisease
C3. Jensen - Schlagkraft Bassdrum
D1. Hellseeker - The Outcome Of Which Is Not Foreseen
D2. Messias - B-Test
E1. Earfist - Vomit Whore
E2. Merk & Nevermind - Leanne Kiks
E3. Lowtek - Zombies Ate My Brain
F1. The Tyrant - I Hate This Place
F2. DJ R.Shock vs. Disorder - The Real Shit
G1. Paranoizern - Scream
G2. Speedcore Terror Kinetic - Gas Station Adventures Part 666
G3. Skeletor & VendettA - Checkov´s Anger
H1. The Pain Barrier - Schub
H2. Vague Entity - Noize ! Energy !