Dancefloor Thunderstorm "Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave" Book

Dancefloor Thunderstorm "Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave" Book


Title: Dancefloor Thunderstorm "Land Of The Free, Home Of Thr Rave"
Author: Michael Tullberg
Pages: 308, bound in hardback cover

Book description from the author:
DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave is the new book that shows the American rave scene at its peak, written by one of the ultimate rave insiders—dance music photojournalist Michael Tullberg. Photographing and writing for virtually all of the major electronic music magazines of the day, including URB, Mixer, BPM Culture and Insider, Tullberg captured the rave scene it in all its visually spectacular glory. While enjoying his position at the epicenter of the L.A. rave nation, he amassed an enormous library of photographs, articles, interviews and memorabilia, the best of which make up the contents of the book. With his tripped-out, psychedelic images and insightful words, DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM takes the reader back into the innermost heart of the rave scene—to the warehouses, soundstages, after-hours clubs, deserts and mountains where rhythmic magic was made.

The parties within are legend:
Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, JujuBeats, Together As One, Winter Music Conference, How Sweet It Is, Audiotistic, Nocturnal Wonderland…and on and on.

The first book of its kind in the U.S., DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM is a tribute to the men and women who catapulted electronic music into the public eye, and who laid the groundwork for the dance-dominated pop and EDM that tops today’s charts.

DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave contains hundreds of photographs over 300-plus pages. The DJ lineup within the book is an all-time All-Star one, including Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Roni Size, Massive Attack, the Crystal Method, the Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and many, many more. There are also in-depth interviews with prominent electronic music artists such as DJ/producers Sandra Collins and Christopher Lawrence, as well as reprints of Tullberg’s vintage magazine reviews, reproductions of rave fliers, laminates, rave artifacts and magazine covers…in other words, it’s the genuine article, a true representation of a cultural explosion. It’s the book that no serious fan or historian about rave music can do without.

Some press reactions to DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM:
“Light refracts, piercing images like those moments when your eyes have been open for far too long. Scenes morph into vortices that blur at the edges, like your memories will the next day. In Tullberg's photos, faces melt and hands multiply. They are photos that make you feel like you are in this moment that you hope will never end.” LA Weekly“

Tullberg's collection captures the spirit of the American '90s rave scene in a way that transcends location. Perhaps it's because his original style of using long-exposures to capture the kinetic energy of endless hours on darkened dance floors illuminated the scene before the introduction of the epic crane shot. Or maybe it's the fact that the look of Los Angeles rave kids was, by the late '90s, the de facto dress code for party people across the country. It's the same broad cultural influence that made LA's festival scene the genesis of today's EDM explosion.” Thump (Vice)

“Photographer Michael Tullberg shot hundreds of images for URB and other magazines at the height of LA’s 90s rave scene. From raves on the Venice boardwalk and downtown’s Alexandria Hotel, to the National Orange Show in San Bernardino and the desert raves all the way to Indio, no collection of photos from this magical time and place have ever been assembled before.”

“Every subculture includes a handful of tech-friendly souls who function as their movement’s de facto historians. Reviewing and shooting festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal Wonderland for outlets like URB and Mixer, Tullberg amassed a collection of thoughts and images that chronicle Southern California’s rave scene from 1996-2002, one of its more pivotal eras.”

“Without Michael Tullberg, we may not have such detailed accounts and photos to look back on. Dancefloor Thunderstorm will act as a comprehensive guide to one of the most dynamic times in dance music, and can be enjoyed by ravers, old and new… the work he has done is an essential piece in the history of dance music – not just for California, or even the United States, but for the world. Through his artistic documentation of the rave moment, he showed that the power of electronic music could have a profound impact on the music community, and no one would argue that considering that dance music has become the dominant sound on a global scale today.” 6AM Group